Identifying the result you want to achieve is the prerequisite for any Layout project. This will give you a better overview that will allow you to plan the work step by step.

Whether you want to create a new layout for better optimization of the space, or simply refresh the decoration with a more current wall and floor covering. The optimisation of your plans will be achived through the solutions explored by our team of experts. Delta Bureau will accompany you step by step in your renovation project.

Wall Partition


If you want to make your workspace more functional, nothing beats installing a partition.

Ease of installation and flexibility are the qualities that distinguish our system of arrangement, made to adapt to any type of plan. Especially since there are many types of materials: modular aluminium profiles, glass walls, sandblasted glass, wooden panels, plasterboard, etc… Due to their light and mobile characteristics, these materials offer significantly more performance than the perennial bricks or cinder blocks with much more attractive prices.

Beyond its functionalities, the office partition is a good tool for decoration and visual communication of office trays. Many existing customization possibilities, colors, designs and materials to match your company’s identity as closely as possible.

Floor covering


Parquet, Carpet, Tile or PVC flooring: Delta Bureau offers you the best references for your flooring.

Discover a new range of products to make your office a space where it is good to work.

Do you want to give your floors a new lease of life, or even enhance your decoration? Look no further: the best flooring solutions are just a click away.

The authenticity of laminate flooring, the softness of the carpet, the freshness of the tiles or the comfort of the PVC floor, all available for all tastes and all budgets.

We work from installation to maintenance solutions, including insulation solutions.

False ceiling


Often used to conceal a ceiling in poor condition, electrical wiring or ducts, or to reduce the ceiling height of a room, it will allow you, if the lighting in your room no longer suits you, to change the atmosphere of a place by integrating additional luminaires.

It can also be used to improve the thermal and/or room acoustic insulation.

The Armstrong has the particularity of not being fixed to the supporting structure.

It is suspended from a metal frame fixed to the supporting structure by means of hangers.

These hangers hold the rails on which plasterboard is screwed.

Wall covering


The attractive appearance of natural materials as elements of interior design is nowadays indisputable.

These provide a comfortable and warm atmosphere and help you to relax.

The interior walls design making by wood wall cladding, stone cladding and other natural or nature-inspired materials are creative ideas that you can implement in your own space to create an attractive atmosphere in harmony with nature.



A flagship office object in Aluminium, Fabric or Wood, their strict but relaxing side matches perfectly with the role of the room.

If you’re going to spend time in this room and think about it seriously, it has to be appropriate.

It is therefore important to feel good and to decorate it with taste! We will select the most suitable and custom-made blinds for your office.

To concentrate, you must avoid any distraction around you.